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C.C.M. of TN

Christ-like Love & Conservation Missions

Local Tennessee 501c3 Charitable Organization



CCM of TN is a 501c3 charitable organization focused on two valuable missions, which each have broad scopes within them. The first is to  demonstrate a Christ-like love in the community, and for people, in Tennessee. The second is to help conserve the environment (including land and waterways) in Tennessee through information, education, and action. CCM of TN is passionate about preserving and strengthening Tennesseans, and our beautiful habits, wildlife, land, & waterways. Christ-like love and Conservation are our Missions in Tennessee. Your donations help support these goals and activities year after year. Thank you for your support. Additionally, we are inspired by the "7 Sisters" of the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation. We hope that you will browse, learn more about us, and consider making a donation. If you have a charitable cause you would like use to explore including in our missions, please contact us my mail at:

Attn: President and Directors

P.O.Box 473

Kingston, TN


Thank you for being a part of CCM of TN.

Hunters And Dog

Commitment to missions for the betterment of our communities & our wildlife.

C.C.M. of Tennessee

Christ-like Love & Conservation Missions 
Local Tennessee 501c3 Charitable Organization
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